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Pre-Recorded Therapist


About The Project

Melissa’s therapist is out for the day, but he’s left her in good hands: his own.

A project that straddles sketch comedy and short film, Prerecorded Therapist is a dark comedy partly inspired by a true story.

Written, Directed, & Edited by Derek Scully.
Produced by Jordan Little
Cinematography by Luigi Ventura


Cassi Jerkins as Melissa
Derek Scully as The Therapist


Featured Short - Funny or Die


Associate Producers: Taylor Shofner, Chris Laughter, Nicole Castillo
Camera Operator: Matt Devino
Gaffer: Jay Carey
2nd AC: Taylor Shofner
Production Sound: Brian Curley
Production Design: Taylor Shofner, Derek Scully, David Gallardo, Adriana Colon
Sound Mixer: Brian Curley
Post Sound Mixing: Sean Magee
Script Supervisor: Matt Kraft
Projector Drawings: Bryan Rainstein
BTS/DIT: Chris Laughter
PA’s: Jana Devino, Charles Pieper, Hayden Harrower, Mike Morrissey

About the Filmmaker

Derek Scully is a writer, performer, and filmmaker from North Carolina. He’s performed sketch and characters at The Pack Theater, UCB, ACME Theatre, and iO West, and videos he’s made have been featured by The Washington Post and Funny or Die.

Scully currently voices a talking cartoon book named ZooMooPedia, who teaches kids about the world. You can see him at The Pack Theater every fourth Sunday with the sketch team Thunderdog.

Behind The Scenes

Director Commentary

When I lived in North Carolina, I had a therapist who needed me more than I needed him. He was an exceptionally odd person doing his best, and I truly can’t think of a reason I saw him every week outside of pity. He was awful at his job. Everything about the man was strange, but here’s the strangest thing he did: He had me close my eyes (and left the bright fluorescent lights on). Then with my eyes closed, I heard his grating, tinny North Carolina accent sounding tinnier than usual because he was playing it through a Dell laptop’s speakers. It was a 15 minute guided meditation tape of himself talking, and it was not soothing. I hope this short is half as funny as those 15 minutes were, sitting next to that weird idiot, both of us listening to him babble about meadows.