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Last One Screaming


About The Project

What happens to the Final Girl after a horror movie ends?

After surviving a horrific weekend at a remote cabin in the woods where all of her friends were brutally murdered, Ashley finds herself in handcuffs. Her story is extraordinary, and the cops who brought her in for questioning don't believe a word of it. The FBI sends in a psychologist, Dr. Warren to determine whether Ashley is completely crazy, or if there's more to her story…

Writer/director Matt Devino has also completed a feature length version of the script which he hopes to get into development soon. It begins with the events of the short film, then follows Ashley as she tries to go back to her normal life, knowing nobody will believe what happened to her. Meanwhile, The Box begins to spread its evil once again. Ashley is recruited by Dr. Warren and her top secret organization “The Vigil”, comprised entirely of women who have survived horrific supernatural events, and together they try to stop The Box once and for all. Think of it as Evil Dead meets Charlie’s Angels.

Written + Directed By Matt Devino.
Produced by: Chris Laughter, Nicole Castillo and Matt Devino
Cinematography By Darrin P. Nim.


Camilla Greenberg as Ashley
Olivia Mackenzie Smith as Dr. Warren
Derek Weston as Detective Stacy Valentine
Nick Biron as Detective Johnny Babe


Winner - Best Short, Boobs and Blood Fest 2018
Winner - Best Director, Boobs and Blood Fest 2018
Winner - Best Actress, Boobs and Blood Fest 2018
Winner - Best Cinematography, Boobs and Blood Fest 2018
Winner - Best Hair & Makeup, Hollywood Horrorfest
Official Selection - New York City Horror Film Festival
Official selection - LA Crime and Horror Fest
Official Selection - NOLA Horror Film Fest
Official Selection - IFS Film Festival
Official Selection - Anatomy International Film Festival
Official Selection - Tucson Terrorfest
Official Selection - New Hampshire Film Festival
Official Selection - LA Short Scares Fest
Official Selection - ShareGrid Filmmaker Showcase LA


Production Coordinator: Jana Devino
1st AD: Taylor Shofner
1st AC: Ivan Acero
Camera Operator: Jeremie Brillant, Luigi Ventura
Gaffer: JR Kraus
2nd AC: William Walsh
Production Sound: Brian Curley
Post Sound: Steve Devino
Original Score: Kenny Gray
Hair & Makeup: Caitlin Wronski
Property Master: Tyler Rosen
PA: Amanda Rian Clark
Poster Design: Steph Devino

About the Filmmaker


Matt Devino is a writer, director, and DP living and working in Los Angeles. He’s always been a lover of genre films, especially horror that dabbles in the supernatural and isn't afraid to get bloody or even make you laugh.

Behind The Scenes

Director Commentary

There's a well known formula in this genre pertaining to the "final girl", and I've always found it interesting how so many films end with this sole survivor covered in blood, the killer or creature or demon is dead and gone without a trace, and then the credits hit. We as the audience are trained to see this as the happy ending, they've conquered evil and lived to tell about it, but I've always wondering what happens to these characters after the credits role. How can they go back to their lives? Just because they survived doesn't mean anything when they just hacked up their friends with a chainsaw because they were possessed by demons. So many horror films would end with the final girl in handcuffs, all the evidence pointing them as some kind of psychotic killer. They couldn't tell the police what really happened, and if they did they'd simply be thrown in a psych ward for the rest of their lives. This idea is what I wanted to play with in "Last One Screaming", what if the final girl did tell truth, would anyone believe her?