Assorted Kinds
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Kevin Rosen-Quan


Kevin graduated from USC film (2005) with an emphasis on photography and sound design. He founded an eclectic artist commune in the Los Angeles National Forest and was executive producer of original content for Broadcaster Inc. and Pangea Productions (2006-2009).  After the commune was razed by a fire in 2009, Kevin abandoned producing to focus on production sound and post sound design. In 2017 he joined IATSE Local 695 Sound Mixer’s Union. Currently, with the help of ASK, Kevin is finally able to return to his pursuit of high-concept story telling and engaging audiences through writing and directing.

ASK_Kevin Rosen Quan_Photo.png

Assorted Kinds Credits


005 | House Tour | Set Sound Mixer

007 | Choices | Writer and Director

008 | Let Me Go | Set Sound Mixer

010 | Loved Ones | Set Sound Mixer

011 | Feed Me Death | 1st Assistant Director

012 | Car Guys | Set Sound Mixer

014 | Forgetful | Writer and Director