Assorted Kinds
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Heads Up


About The Project

⚠️ MISSILE WARNING ⚠️ When best friends, Mike and Hayden, see a missile heading toward Los Angeles they have mere seconds to piece together their last moments on earth. Watch society crumble as Mike looks for answers and Hayden looks up from his phone... eventually!

Written by and Starring Hayden Harrower and Mike Morrisey


Mike Morrissey as Mike

Hayden Harrower as Hayden

Steph Devino as the Influencer

Kenny Gray as the Bloody Man

Sara London as the Running Woman

Tom Yurkovich as the Suicidal Man


Camera Team - Matt Devino, JR Kraus, Darrin P. Nim

Edited by Matt Devino

Music by Goliathan

Sound Design and Mix - Defacto Sound

About the Filmmakers

Teacher by day, writer by night. Hayden came to Assorted Kinds as an improviser and sketch writer with aspirations for filmmaking and directing…

Mike is a former New York actor, improviser and writer who moved to Los Angeles with the ambition of putting insanity on screen…