Assorted Kinds
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Hayden Harrower


Teacher by day, writer by night. Hayden came to Assorted Kinds as an improviser and sketch writer with aspirations for filmmaking and directing. Quickly after arriving in LA in 2017, Hayden got to work assuming every role he could learn. Through the community and other independent filmmakers, Hayden learned to write, produce, and direct films while he pursues his day job in alternative education. Because he is one of those damn, glass-half-full kinda guys, he loves finding the earnest and sincere among the absurd and twisted.

ASK_Hayden Harrower_Photo-01.png

Assorted Kinds History



007 | Car Guys | Director, Writer

003 | Choices | Actor

004 | Prerecorded Therapist | PA

006 | Nine-Two | PA

009 | Demon Cooler | Producer

010 | Loved Ones | Producer

011 | Feed Me Death | Actor