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The Fantastic Folly of Future Jess


About The Project

Future Jess travels back in time to prevent the blunder she blames for her lifetime of misfortune. Given the circumstances of her arrival, her past self finds it difficult to take her seriously.

Written, Directed, & Edited by Christopher Ryan Laughter.
Produced by Matt Devino.
Cinematography by Jeremie Brillant.


Camila Greenberg as Past Jess

Cameron Gilliam as Danny

Christopher Ryan Laughter as Future Jess

Adriana Colon as Time Travel Operator


Nicole Castillo - Set Designer

Jacob Kern-Mireles - Set Decorator

James Hammond - Gaffer

William Walsh - G/E swing

Jonathan Lastra - Set Sound Mixer

Darrin P. Nim - 1st AD

Jana Devino - Associate Producer

Matt Toth - Production Assistant

Caitlin Wronski - Hair and Makeup Artist

Taylor Shofner - Script Supervisor, Animation and VFX

Brandon Brown - Original Music

Jude Hazlett - Assistant Editor

Kevin Rosen-Quan - Post Sound Design & Mix

Josh Moody - Colorist

Mike Patterson - Title Design & Animation

About the Filmmaker

Christopher Ryan Laughter grew up in the 80's/90's uncomfortably nestled within the swampy suburbs of Houston, Texas. After two and a half decades spent skateboarding, playing thrash punk music, and drinking cheap beer, he narrowly escaped the south's grasps and ran west intent on pursuing a career in film, or music, whichever worked out first. An inherent daydreamer and compulsive tinkerer…

Behind The Scenes