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David Gallardo


David Gallardo grew up forever curious and wanting to tell stories. Whether it was writing short stories in school or taking photos with the family camera, he turned this love of the art into a career in filmmaking.

After leaving film school with a hefty amount of production experience he jump-started his professional career directing fashion films with up and coming fashion brands in Los Angeles. Bringing an eye for raw beauty and cinematic aesthetic he grew his craft to include commercial work, branded content, music videos, documentaries, and tour photography.

Working with ASK, this has allowed David to combine his visual aesthetic he's honed over the years and really flex his storytelling and writing muscle to finally tell the stories he's been itching to make.

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ASK_David Gallardo_Photo-01.png

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006 | Nine Two | Writer, Director, and Editor

009 | Demon Cooler | 1st Assistant Director

010 | Loved Ones | Camera Operator