Assorted Kinds
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Christopher Ryan Laughter


“There is no endeavor too large or too small. There is merely to endeavor, or to not.”

Christopher Ryan Laughter grew up in the 80's/90's uncomfortably nestled within the swampy suburbs of Houston, Texas. After two and a half decades spent skateboarding, playing thrash punk music, and drinking cheap beer, he narrowly escaped the south's grasps and ran west intent on pursuing a career in film, or music, whichever worked out first. An inherent daydreamer and compulsive tinkerer, Chris's films uncontrollably dance between genres yet manage to maintain a visual aesthetic and tone all his own. While his stories are generally dense and rooted in the drama of dynamic human relationships, they tend to find comic relief in the most unexpected of ways.

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Christopher Ryan Laughter_ ASK Photo_2019.png

Assorted Kinds History



Winner | Last One Screaming | Best Short, Boobs and Blood Fest 2018


001 | Mister Mailman | Producer and 1st Assistant Director

002 | Last One Screaming | Producer

003 | Whatever, Broccoli | Writer and Director

004 | Prerecorded Therapist | Associate Producer

005 | House Tour | Behind The Scenes

006 | Nine Two | Producer

007 | Choices | 1st Assistant Director

008 | Let Me Go | 1st Assistant Director

009 | Demon Cooler | Writer and Director

010 | Loved Ones | 1st Assistant Director

011 | Feed Me Death | DIT

012 | Car Guys | Producer