Assorted Kinds
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Watch All 7 Couples Individually

About The Project

Choices is an experimental film wherein seven different couples perform the same scene in the same space. All seven conversations are cut together into a single scene with fourteen characters. So many choices! The goal was to showcase as diverse a cast as possible including different genders, races, handicaps, and sexual orientations, turning a seeming innocuous conversation into an exploration on how we humans are the same yet unique. 

Written, Directed, & Edited by Kevin Rosen-Quan.
Produced by Jana Devino.
Cinematography by Jeremie Brillant.


Chris Laughter and Nicole Castillo

Alex Alpharoah and Javier Ronceros

J. Bailey Burcham and Mandi Moss

Parissa Koo and Puppett

Adriana Colón and Mark Mclain Wilson

Carmelita Maldonado and Katherine Washington

Brady Hales and Hayden Harrower

Featuring Mike Morrissey as The Waiter


Associate Producer: Nicole Castillo

1st AD: Chris Laughter

Casting Director: Adriana Colon

2nd AD: Hayden Harrower

Camera Operators: Jobe Lowen, JR Kraus, and Joey Graziano

Gaffer: James Hammond

G/E Swing: Darrin P. Nim

Sound Mixer: Kamal Humphrey

Boom Op: Sam Young

Set Decoration: Katrina Tillett

DIT: Taylor Shofner

BTS: Matt Devino

About the Filmmaker

Kevin Rosen-Quan graduated from USC film (2005) with an emphasis on photography and sound design. He founded an eclectic artist commune in the Los Angeles National Forest and was executive producer of original content for Broadcaster Inc. and Pangea Productions (2006-2009).  After the commune was razed by a fire in 2009, Kevin abandoned producing to focus on production sound and post sound design. In 2017 he joined IATSE Local 695 Sound Mixer’s Union. Currently, with the help of ASK, Kevin is finally able to return to his pursuit of high-concept story telling and engaging audiences through writing and directing.

Behind The Scenes