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Making movies seems like an impossible endeavor for most. Limited resources. Self doubt. Real life obligations that come first but never go away. You aren’t the only one with these excuses, and making movies doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it out to be. Every month, join members of the Assorted Kinds Film Collective as they explore how to push past excuses to get passion projects made. From seasoned to first time filmmakers, this podcast explores the juicy behind the scenes stories of each month’s Assorted Kinds release and cracks open each filmmaker’s struggles, fears, failures and accomplishments.  Whether you enjoy hearing stories about filmmakers overcoming obstacles to get their projects completed, or have a burning desire to bootstrap your own film projects, this podcast is a direct line into the heart and soul of independent filmmaking.

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Making "Nine Two" -- ASK006

Writer/Director David Gallardo is joined by actor Sabi Portlock to discuss the making of their 90’s LA drama “Nine Two”. Kevin Rosen Quan and Christopher Ryan Laughter co-host this episode which weaves through memories of LA Riots and why this film resonates with so many that lived the experience, the trials and tribulations of making this film, and what the filmmakers learned along the way.

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